The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About BEST FREE STUFF

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There are many articles about free stuff. Free stuff and free samples are truly remarkable things. Consider it, the shopper gets to try something before spending any money and if she or he likes the product, the merchant could easily get a loyal and repeat customer. This is the best of both worlds. Merchants offer free stuff everywhere. Free examples of new food items, a free of charge estimate, win Jimmie’s Silverado or perhaps a new BMW. Free offers are all around us and in most cases, someone will win or turn into a good customer.

Getting free stuff online can be a frustrating and scary experience.  Most people shy away from free samples or offers of free stuff online, even though it is possible to acquire a lot of good stuff online that does not cost anything.

While it is true that a lot of if not all offers you find will give you a chance to win or get something in exchange for personal information, usually your e-mail address or zip code, you will get some good stuff. But you must be careful what information you give out.

If you are willing to do a little preparation and a little typing, there are literally a large number of offers to be had in trade for some information. Understand that most “free” things come with some strings attached. Generally, you will need to register and take part in some offers or surveys.

I have found that most offers start by collecting an email address or zip code. From then on, you will likely be offered a number of products and/or surveys to complete or review. It is a fact that lots of web surfers ignore these free offerings but enough people buy a product or service to create it profitable for an organization to keep offering free stuff online. If it was not profitable, no merchant would make free offers.

There are lots of worthwhile offers online. And, if you discover some you intend to try for, there are a few simple and easy actions you can take to protect yourself when registering for the free stuff.

1. Open an e-mail address used designed for free offers. I have one which routinely gets 10 to 15 emails each day from vendors connected with free stuff. I check about once a week and usually just empty the folder.

2. Buy a prepaid credit card for handful of money and use that number for your free offers. This can keep unwanted charges off your other cards.

3. Get a pre-paid cellular phone and use that number whenever a phone number is needed. They are readily available at plenty of stores and are relatively cheap.

4. Make a spreadsheet or use a ledger and keep a listing of offers you join and expiration dates. You should use this to keep track of expiration dates and unsubscribe from unwanted offers before a charge hits your credit card.

5. Make sure you complete all of the requirements for the free offer. Sometimes, online merchants will make it so difficult to qualify that most people quit or unsubscribe before they get yourself a chance at the prize.

Check the the terms section on the site, usually, you will see a disclaimer that goes something similar to this “To get your free stuff you can be required to participate in offers from Providers. Following are requirements from past or current provider offers to provide you with and example of what to expect.” If you look at the examples, you will discover that you will need to subscribe or sign up for something to qualify (a lot of them make good gifts).

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